Hey! I'm Jess, I'm 19 and I live in Manchester. I love TV series, animals, true crime and music. Beauty Ghoul is a blog where I will write reviews, talk about beauty, fashion and all things lifestyle. I started Beauty Ghoul without an aim, just to blog thoughts and views. After a while of writing posts, that were mainly bullet points and notes to self, I decided I wanted it be a little more and here we are!

I'm starting university doing Psychology and Criminology in September! I have such a huge interest in true crime and I hope to eventually become a Forensic Psychologist, working with inmates in prisons. 

On any lazy day or weekend you will more than likely find me slouched on my bed watching films or a TV series. I love The Walking dead, Under the Dome and Pretty little liars, so don't be surprised if I mention them a lot! I also have a Cat named Erica! She is my best friend and I'm sure you will get to see a lot of her on here.