Thursday, 28 May 2015

Weird But Wonderful: The Labyrinth

I can't put into words how much I loved this film when I was younger, and how much I still love it now! Yes, when I first describe to people what it's about I do get a few 'what the hell?' looks but I think I've converted everyone I know Into thinking It's a great film.

Basically the leading character Sarah, being a typical moody teenager, Is mad about having to babysit her baby brother. She then starts to call on the Goblin King from a play she's been reading to take her brother away and guess what? yup, He's real. Then comes David Bowie (The Goblin King) in his stupidly tight leggings and bad-ass mullet to steal away the baby! From then on there is a lot of 'That's not fair!' and David Bowie's tremendous voice singing to a bunch of ugly goblins.

Considering a lot of the characters are puppets, each have their own little quirks that make them stand out. There's Sir Didymus, some sort of fox-terrier convinced he is a brave knight riding on his canine steed Ambrosius .  Ludo, a scary looking beast who turns out to be a giant softy. And then of course, there's my favorite, Hoggle, who has been Sarah's little goblin frenemy from the beginning. Sarah is such an amazing character. She isn't a needy 15 year old girl who can't do anything without a companion (aka 15 year old me, and yes, Sarah is only 15!). She's a very independent, strong minded person and rather than always needing to be saved, shes saving everyone else! She was definitely a role model for me growing up.

Everything about this movie is just awesome. From David Bowie's outfit to the little talking worm at the beginning, It's all stupidly great and if you haven't seen It I recommend it more than any movie, ever. Yeah, It's that good.

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