Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Top 3 Guilty Pleasure Movies

I really like weird, silly, hilariously stupid movies. They are my go to's for when I'm down and will cheer me up from the vilest mood in the world. My old house mates once walked in from a night out to me, having a giggle fit at the 'I'm Grape nose boy' part of Good Burger. Let's not miss out this was 3am on a Friday night. I had a very exciting University life, I know. They never stayed to watch the movie because they thought it was 'weird'. Pfft, they missed out, that was a fun night.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
After this movie, I am soooo into guys in gold sparkly shorts. I don't know who the actor is that played Rocky Horror/The creation but he was HOT. Where is he now?!. Tim Curry plays Dr. Frank-N-Furter so good as well, he was made to wear make-up, lingerie and corsets. But my all time favorite character is Eddie. He's in it for the shortest amount of time but I love him, sigh. The songs are catchy, the outfits are good, there's a hot guy and great actors. What more could you ask for?

This is my favorite Rocky Horror song, Rose Tint My World from The Floor Show part. I love the 'My My My' bit so much, argh.

Good Burger
This is my favorite movie that reminds me of my childhood. Every time I watch It I can just picture me and my brother quoting It to each other, singing 'We're all dudes' and trying to do the Demented Hill's dance. Keenan and Kel were my favorite people ever when I was a kid, There wouldn't have been a day that I didn't watch them. The episode where Keenan chokes on a screw in his Tuna sandwich has to be the most memorable episode. Even my mum knows almost every word in this one, haha.

This is a best parts video so -SPOILERS AHEAD- but there is a bunch missing that's just as funny,

Wayne's World
My Dad was the one who had me watch this first. The story line isn't that great but, there are some very funny catchphrases and scenes. It's one of them films that are so so bad, they're good. The scene I remember the most is the 'foxy lady' scene, I cry laughing at that. Also, the Bohemian Rhapsody scene in the car is definitely unforgettable. I can just pop this film on whenever and still get a laugh out of it, 23 years later.

Here's the Foxy Lady scene, It's hilarious;

Everyone should watch these films, at least once, in their life. What are your guilty pleasure movies?

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