Saturday, 23 May 2015

Music: Nicole Dollanganger

My obsession with Nicole Dollanganger started about two months ago. I was reading up on Jeffery Dahmer and came across a song about him, which I thought was pretty odd and I love odd, so of course I had to listen. You can listen to it here:

Nicole herself is a very fascinating person. Her lyrics are amazing, though some contain vivid gruesome imagery, I think they're great. She sings about things many people wouldn't think of and I think that's what attracted me to her most. I'm very much into her adorable, innocent look and sweet voice contrasting with her gruesome, odd lyrics and interests. Not only does she have an amazing voice, she writes the songs and most of the art work to go with it. Check out her tumblr here:

Nicole has such an angelic, soft, almost childlike voice. I feel so calm and relaxed when I listen to her. I found her bandcamp site to download her music and noticed she has a good few albums up, I downloaded every single one. I enjoy the minimal music, so their is nothing to overpower her voice. Her lyrics could be written in one of those expensive poetry book's and sell for millions in my opinion. I am very very very surprised she doesn't have a bigger following. Her songs have lots of feeling and she comes across as a very real person. 

I think you should definitely check her out, I swear you wont be disappointed. 

You can download her albums for free, or you can give a donation which I am sure she will be very thankful for, hint hint. She has a new album coming soon and I'm excited! She has a few song's up on her bandcamp that are  already, go listen!

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