Thursday, 21 May 2015

Creepin' It Real

I recently came across some of the damn cutest creepiest items on Etsy. I've never bought anything from Etsy before, but I'm 100% sure these will be the first things when I do! I think these are statement pieces and would look so so good in my bedroom, I'm saving all my pennies for these, or someone could just buy them for me????? Pretty Please! *gives puppy eyes*


I reckon this would candle be so cool to freak your guests out with, there is a bunch more with ears and stuff. *Shudders*

one of my favorite film quotes ;)!

I also have a Pinterest board where I will be posting more of my favorite creepy cute items!! you can follow my Pinterest here. Do you think these are cute? or am I just strange? haha. I hope not. 

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