Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Wishlist #1 - All black everything.

Vest / Coat / Skirt / Shoes

Everything on this blog is black and white, so it wouldn't be a shock if I told you they were my favourite colours! I am soooo far from a huge 'fashionista' so simple colours that go with everything (also with minimal effort..) is more up my street

In the past month or so I've been dying to buy more from sheinside but lack of money had put that idea down the drain. There are a few good items in the sale section at the moment, including the vest top picture above! Bargain!

I've been loving platform type shoes a lot recently so that's made its way in to this wishlist in the form of these black witness boots. The boots are the only item on the list that are not from sheinside! They're from schuh but are (sadly) out of stock! I own two pairs of platform shoes, but I neeeeed more. So these on my list next :)

I also couldn't resist this coat, I am in love with it. I really love them blanket capes that wrap around you all snug and warm, and this coat is pretty similar (and cheaper! haha).

I probably wouldn't wear the next item that much because rarely ever wear skirts. But I reaaaally like this and I think it would go pretty nice with that vest top too! You can call me out on that if you think it wouldn't look good because I'm not that great with fashion!! haha.

Anybody posted wishlist's recently? link them below I loooove checking them out!

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