Thursday, 12 February 2015

Trends you won't ever see me wearing!

*Don't shoot, this post is just my opinion*

(Honestly, this could be so much longer but I didn't want you guys to lose interest! haha)

Yolo logo t-shirts/jumpers etc.

OK, so this saying started off great then it got turned into the total opposite. It started off with positive vibes, like, for example, taking advantage of great opportunities. Then 2011 came, 'The Motto' came out, sigh. 'You only live once, that's the motto nigga, yolo'. This is what made it a little disillusioned. It was then turned into doing bad things because 'you only live once'. One time I literally heard a guy say 'cheated on my girlfriend because yolo' and just, what the hell?.

Then you seen all the t-shirts and jumpers with YOLO plastered all over them and it just made me cringe. This could have been a good thing but it was just given a whole different meaning, got all yucky and embarrassing and definitely shouldn't have happened. 
Hashtag -random word- on t-shirts/jumpers etc. 

Hashtags are ok online, places like Twitter and Instagram to categorize tweets and pictures. I have no problem with that, but, what use is a hashtag on a tshirt? unless, you're a business or have an important issue and you're trying to get more people to talk about that, then ok. Hashtag's got a little -crazy- on twitter and people just hashtag the most irrelevant words and phrases. When a person tweets/posts a picture and it is full of hashtag's i just have to unfollow that person!! annoying!!

Furry boots.

I don't really have a reason for disliking these. They're just down right ugly, especially, the neon coloured ones If you want to look like a rainbow Chewbacca then go for it! I had a friend that wore these in white all of the time, I am sure I'm not the only one wishing these didn't exist?!

Velour tracksuits.

Just velour in general makes me cringe. Velour tracksuits make me cringe even more. The reason for this is mainly because I live in Manchester and I see them everywhere! The only person I have ever seen pull off, very slightly pull off, a velour tracksuit is Paris Hilton. The thing that gets me about these, is the bottoms. The material looks so thin, baggy and they always look too long? It is just me that thinks this?

What fashion trends would you never be seen in? There are so many i haven't mentioned on here. As you can tell I LOVE to complain. Sorry about that, haha!

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  1. I agree 100% I will never understand the whole yolo crap being on everything!


    Candidly Chloe xx