Friday, 27 February 2015

The coolest grandma's and grandpa's ever.

Happy Friday, guys!

You've all seen the Let It Go Africanized version, by the amazing Alex Boye and Lexi Walker right?! Well check out this cover of the huuuuge hit 'Uptown Funk' featuring a few of the worlds coolest (and I'm sure you will agree after you see this) Grannies and Grandad's. How cool is it that the age's of these grandma's and grandpa's range from 65-92?! I hope I move as good as this when I get to that age, damn.

Also whilst you're at it, check out Alex's youtube channel because the covers he comes up with is just genius and ridiculously catchy!

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  1. I love this! its the first time i have seen any of them! <3 xx

    KirstyLeighx | Bloglovin'