Thursday, 5 February 2015

2015 Reading challenge!

This year I've decided that I am going to read more, though I enjoy reading I don't read enough as I would love to! I am the type of person that will read 5 books in two months and then not touch a book for 3-4 months!! I was going to read a books a month, but seeming as though I am a month late (woooops!) I will be reading two books this month :)

2015 reading challenge | Beauty ghoul

I'm going to be reading two pretty well known books. I'm sure everyone knows who John Green is, so I doubt it would come as a surprise for me to have at least one of his books in this challenge. John green is more well known for the book and film 'A fault in our stars', I loved that book but still haven't got round to seeing the film because, I don't really enjoy crying my eyes out for hours on end (again...).

I am going to be reading 'An Abundance of KatherinesThough I haven't seen bad reviews about this book, it hasn't got the huge hype like many of John Greens previous book have. I started reading this today and I can tell already that I am going to be sick to death of anagrams! I am quite enjoying it and I will post a full review when I have finished it :)

I'm going to push myself to finish this book before the end of next week so that I can get started on my second book!!

I'm going to be reading 'Gone Girl'. I haven't seen this film or read reviews, but I have been told I will love it. I'm going to leave reviews and the film till after I finish the book, because I love being surprised, haha.

On my goodreads, I chose that I would read 20 books in 2015, i know it doesn't seem that much but I am hoping to read more. 20 is really a minimum, because life gets busy sometimes and all though I'd love to put my target a lot higher I don't want to feel disappointed that I couldn't reach it!

Anybody else doing a reading challenge? also, any suggestions for books will be greatly appreciated!


  1. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out over at :)

  2. Great post! Work hard! I've added you on goodreads :D XX

    MollyRose, x x x「」

    1. Thank you! I've just accepted, hope you reach your reading goal! I'm sure as hell trying haha xxx

  3. The books looks amazing! You've got to love John Green. Have you read Paper Towns? Just finished and it's so good, sounds like you would love it.

    Eva //

    1. I bought paper towns when I got An abundance of Katherine's, haven't read it just yet. Think it next on my list!xxx