Friday, 13 February 2015

2015 reading challenge: An Abundance of Katherine's review.

So, as you guys know I have been doing a reading challenge for 2015. In the first post I mentioned I was reading An Abundance of Katherine's,  I finished it a couple of hours ago, so here's my review like I promised!
This is one of the..quirkiest? yeah, quirkiest books I've ever read. It's really unique and I haven't came across characters like Colin and Hassan before. Colin is like that one friend you have that knows a load of useless information and can be the most annoying person in the world at times, but you wouldn't swap them for anything. That's what I think makes this book great, the fact that John made Colin so annoying but you cant help but really love him. I like how there are 'flashbacks' through out the story of all the different Katherine's and even though they aren't in the story themselves you feel like you know them a little. I was right when I first said I would be sick to death of anagrams, I guess they were pretty cool and interesting, but there were a hell of a lot !! 

If you didn't realise already, Colin seems to have a thing for dating people named Katherine. He's dated nineteen of them and they've all dumped him, which has then resulted in many nights of him sprawled all over the place trying to get over them. After he is dumped by the nineteenth Katherine, his friend Hassan tried to cheer him up which doesn't work very well. Instead, Hassan then convinces Colin to take a road trip with him. 

A bunch of anagrams and random babbles later they decide to visit the resting place of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. They take a tour with a girl named Lyndsey and they all become pretty friendly. They go back to her place where her mum lets them stay with them in exchange for them working for her. Along the way, Colin has got this idea of a Theorem that would explain his relationships, so that in future he can figure out when his relationships would end depending on the type of Katherine he dates (because he's still hung up on people named Katherine apparently...).

There's a little surprise in the book, that I didn't really see coming but others have said it was very obvious, maybe I'm just a little stupid haha. I quite enjoyed this book, even though i thought I wouldn't. It can get a little confusing with all the anagrams, graphs, random babble and foreign languages that pop up every know and then, but again, maybe that's because I'm a little stupid. It is such a refreshing book because normally its the girl moping around because of a boy, but in this, its the total opposite way around, which is brilliant!

Have any of you guys read this? whats your opinions of it?! I'm going to start reading Gone Girl, and hoping to finish it by the end of this weekend. I'll also be doing a review of that so you can follow me on bloglovin' to keep up with my posts!


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