Thursday, 29 January 2015

Every girl should own: collection work the colour nude pallet

Pictures from: Superdrug website

When I first started looking for a nude eye shadows I was so indecisive because of how many there are, It took me about an hour of going back and forwards to different pallets to make my mind up! I'm also a bit of a cheap skate and as much as I love my MAC and Urban decay make up, I am always searching for new affordable options.

This is only £3.99 so this is pretty affordable for everyone! There are 8 shades and a highlighter, the eye shadows are numbered from one to three and there is a fool proof tutorial on the back which is great for make up newbies. If you're a newbie this would definitely one of the first thinks to pick up :)

The shades are surprisingly, really nice. They are a little glittery, some more than others but that doesn't show up too much. Number 3 on the first line (next to the highlighter) is the one with the most glitter, and I also think that it is the better brown colour! The glitter really does depend on how much eye shadow you actually put on. The quality of the shadows are pretty good for a pallet that is under £10, depending on which brushes you use to put it on i guess it can seem a little sheer, but that's not a huge deal. Up to now, I haven't had any fallout and they seem to blend super nice, with my real techniques eyes starter kit.

It is a great daytime and nighttime pallet, depending on how much you apply. I have wore this for both and had many compliments! This can look just as nice as any expensive pallet. It's small enough and ideal for throwing in your handbag in case of needing to top up during the day or last minute plans!! 

Have any of you guys got this pallet? what do you think of it? and if not, go get it! ;)


  1. So nice! this looks like a staple eye palette for any skin tone :) We don't get this brand in South Africa but next time I go over to London I am hitting Boots for this palette!! :)


    1. It really does! I'm sure that you will love it when you finally get your hands on it :)!xxx