Saturday, 30 May 2015

Current Obsessions

1. Dead Like Me - I am so mad this isn't still going. It's such a different look at grim reapers and It's pretty funny, too. I think every teenager can relate to George and her attitude, I know I can haha.

2. The Gender Book - There's a review of this coming up soon so I don't want t say too much. It's a very easy read, with colorful pictures and info-graphs which are very very informative. This is something I feel very strongly about and it's just brilliant.

3. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser -  I swear by this stuff. I started using this last year and there has been a huge improvement in my skin. I did swap it for another for a while but I soon ran back!

4. Trainer Socks - At the moment, I have a huge thing for these. I love how comfortable they are and how cute they look on! Especially one's with cute little designs like above.

5. Max Factor Whipped Cream foundation - I adore the feel of this stuff on my skin, so light and slides on really nicely. I normally have quite a bit of redness on my cheeks but this cancels that out completely! I used this in college but ran out and decided to try another out. But, like my Cetaphil, I soon ran back!

This was only a small post for today as I've been pretty busy! But I will be posting ~better~ posts over the next week, so keep an eye out! You can follow me on bloglovin' to keep up!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Weird But Wonderful: The Labyrinth

I can't put into words how much I loved this film when I was younger, and how much I still love it now! Yes, when I first describe to people what it's about I do get a few 'what the hell?' looks but I think I've converted everyone I know Into thinking It's a great film.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Music: Nicole Dollanganger

My obsession with Nicole Dollanganger started about two months ago. I was reading up on Jeffery Dahmer and came across a song about him, which I thought was pretty odd and I love odd, so of course I had to listen. You can listen to it here:

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Creepin' It Real

I recently came across some of the damn cutest creepiest items on Etsy. I've never bought anything from Etsy before, but I'm 100% sure these will be the first things when I do! I think these are statement pieces and would look so so good in my bedroom, I'm saving all my pennies for these, or someone could just buy them for me????? Pretty Please! *gives puppy eyes*

Catch Up With Me On Social Media

I feel the need to apologise, I'm bad at Twitter and I'm sorry. 

No, but for real, I haven't been as social on any social media as I should be when running a blog. This is where it's going to change! I promise I will interact and chat more, though you'll probably be sick of me within a day. Be prepared to see many pictures of my cat, cups of tea and scheduled posts. That made me sound super British then didn't it? Cats and Tea, please contain your excitement. 

Anywho, here are my social media links, so follow me if you wish! I do follow back!

If there are any other sites you think I should join, comment below! and of course, either comment your accounts or just follow me and I'll follow back! Hope all guys are having a good day!:)

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Top 3 Guilty Pleasure Movies

I really like weird, silly, hilariously stupid movies. They are my go to's for when I'm down and will cheer me up from the vilest mood in the world. My old house mates once walked in from a night out to me, having a giggle fit at the 'I'm Grape nose boy' part of Good Burger. Let's not miss out this was 3am on a Friday night. I had a very exciting University life, I know. They never stayed to watch the movie because they thought it was 'weird'. Pfft, they missed out, that was a fun night.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

What I've Been Watching

I swear I could sit and watch series for hours on end (and believe me, I DO). I don't watch films that much, except for my old favorites, it's the TV series I can't get enough of. Here are some of the series I've been watching on Netflix recently and kinda fell in love with, no exaggeration.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Bit Of A Break

I recently took a step away from blogging for a couple of weeks (well, like three months...). I love blogging, but I just didn't have it in me to type, edit, type, edit for hours on end and still not be happy with the outcome. I was taking myself too seriously and criticizing everything. When that starts happening, you know it's time for a break. But hey ho, I'm back now and have my blogging head on. I have a good few post idea's for the next couple of weeks and I'm excited to write them!!

I have also had a bit of a blog revamp. It isn't anything special, but, I would love to know your opinions on it. I'm not a blog designer and I barely know basic html, so don't be too critical. I criticize myself enough for all of you, so leave that side to me! Haha, I hope all is well, and if not, remember I am only an email away. 

Friday, 27 February 2015

The coolest grandma's and grandpa's ever.

Happy Friday, guys!

You've all seen the Let It Go Africanized version, by the amazing Alex Boye and Lexi Walker right?! Well check out this cover of the huuuuge hit 'Uptown Funk' featuring a few of the worlds coolest (and I'm sure you will agree after you see this) Grannies and Grandad's. How cool is it that the age's of these grandma's and grandpa's range from 65-92?! I hope I move as good as this when I get to that age, damn.

Also whilst you're at it, check out Alex's youtube channel because the covers he comes up with is just genius and ridiculously catchy!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The 'Me Time' Tag!

I've been nominated by the lovely Caroline over at! This was the perfect time for this tag to pop up. I haven't had much to do for the past few months, so I have had a lot of 'Me Time' and it was very well needed!

Depending on my mood my 'Me Time' activities can fluctuate. Some days I need time to lay around and do nothing and other days I prefer to be active to help keep me sane!

Wishlist #1 - All black everything.

Vest / Coat / Skirt / Shoes

Everything on this blog is black and white, so it wouldn't be a shock if I told you they were my favourite colours! I am soooo far from a huge 'fashionista' so simple colours that go with everything (also with minimal effort..) is more up my street

Friday, 13 February 2015

2015 reading challenge: An Abundance of Katherine's review.

So, as you guys know I have been doing a reading challenge for 2015. In the first post I mentioned I was reading An Abundance of Katherine's,  I finished it a couple of hours ago, so here's my review like I promised!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Trends you won't ever see me wearing!

*Don't shoot, this post is just my opinion*

(Honestly, this could be so much longer but I didn't want you guys to lose interest! haha)

Yolo logo t-shirts/jumpers etc.

OK, so this saying started off great then it got turned into the total opposite. It started off with positive vibes, like, for example, taking advantage of great opportunities. Then 2011 came, 'The Motto' came out, sigh. 'You only live once, that's the motto nigga, yolo'. This is what made it a little disillusioned. It was then turned into doing bad things because 'you only live once'. One time I literally heard a guy say 'cheated on my girlfriend because yolo' and just, what the hell?.

Then you seen all the t-shirts and jumpers with YOLO plastered all over them and it just made me cringe. This could have been a good thing but it was just given a whole different meaning, got all yucky and embarrassing and definitely shouldn't have happened. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Better call Saul!

I was (and still am) a huge breaking bad fan, so it was great to hear this was going to happen. Though, at first, I was a little skeptical. Sometimes prequels aren't that great and I wasn't so sure if I wanted to delve a little deeper into one of my favourite programs in case It wasn't what I wanted to see. Also, whats bothering me a little is, because we breaking bad fans know what happens to most characters, is this going to spoil the program for us? maybe not, but that is a little bothersome.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

2015 Reading challenge!

This year I've decided that I am going to read more, though I enjoy reading I don't read enough as I would love to! I am the type of person that will read 5 books in two months and then not touch a book for 3-4 months!! I was going to read a books a month, but seeming as though I am a month late (woooops!) I will be reading two books this month :)

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Liebster Award!

eeek, nothing like the feeling when people enjoy your blog, and it's name! ;)
I am seriously super excited about this, I love these blog award things!!

I wouldn't say my blog is an up and coming blog worth discovering (right now;)) but I'm so grateful that Whitney and Heather thinks it is!

Thank you so so much to Whitney from Gussied Up with Whitney and Heather from Suncream and Sparkles for this Liebster award!

Saturday, 31 January 2015

My obsession: hand creams

Okay, the secrets out, I have a HUGE thing for hand creams (and hand wash)! I wouldn't say I have dry hands but I do love the feeling off them being nice and moisturized and It's a plus if they smell good too!

I'm a little picky with my hand creams because a lot of them are quite shiny and oily and leave a greasy feeling behind, and that's a no no. I apply hand cream a few times through out the day and I need it to sink it to my skin almost immediately. These are the three hand creams I use most at the moment. When I finish these, which will probably be soon, I'll definitely be re-buying them!!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Every girl should own: collection work the colour nude pallet

Pictures from: Superdrug website

When I first started looking for a nude eye shadows I was so indecisive because of how many there are, It took me about an hour of going back and forwards to different pallets to make my mind up! I'm also a bit of a cheap skate and as much as I love my MAC and Urban decay make up, I am always searching for new affordable options.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Beauty/fashion Bucketlist

Hey guys! Recently I made a promise to myself that I am going to start being more adventurous with my fashion and make up. So that I could stay focused with this promise I typed myself out a 'Beauty/Fashion Bucketlist' and thought it would be fun to share with you :)

1. Androgynous fashion.
I desperately need a new wardrobe full of androgynous clothing! I adore the style and fact that the outfits themselves look quite neutral and that they could be worn by any gender. I have masculine and feminine days, but aswell as that, I have days where I feel a bit of both and this style really suits my personality!

2. Be more adventurous with my hair.
My hair is constantly straight and down, I don't think I've had it in any other style since primary school! I have a lot of free time right now, so I may as well take advantage of this. At the moment I am torn between growing my hair out like i used to have it, or going into a long bob style.

3. Show some leg!!
I only ever wear dresses on special occasions and rarely wear shorts or skirts, I live in leggings and skinny jeans. I think this one may be on my list for a few months more since were apparently getting some very cold and bad weather ):

4. Accessorize!
Whilst I was at University last year I was big on rings and bracelets, but I lost my favorite ring, broke one or two bracelet and 'borrowed' a friend some and after that I didn't buy any more. I was grieving you see. I won't be so careless with my stuff this time, and I definitely wont to borrowing them to anyone, pfft!

5. Try new eyeliner techniques.
I used to have such varied eyeliner and I would always get compliments, but I got myself in to slump where I was just like 'This is way too much effort!!!, so I just stuck to the typical thin straight lined eyes. I'm getting so bored with my make up so I'm up for a change :)

I guess this is really more of a fashion bucket list but I'm sure over time I will add a few more things to this. Once I start doing these I will share them on here for you to check out, but give me time, I'm shy!!  

Comment with items you would put on your beauty bucket list? :)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Introduction + a little bit about me! :)

Blogging is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, I have had a few different styles of blogs but each time I didn't really feel like I was being my true self, so I stopped. Buuut, after a few months away, I've noticed that I do actually miss doing it so here I am again!

I did a bit of ~soul searching~, figuring out what kind of person I am and what my real likes and dislikes are, mainly because looking at other bloggers I felt like I didn't really fit in. But now I've realised that, so what if we don't all share the same interest all of the time, right? this is one of them communities that brings together people from all walks of life, people you wouldn't have met if you didn't do this and we all share one interest for sure!
  • I feel like this should be a more personal post so I'm going to add a few facts about myself. I'm going to keep this pretty short and sweet, so here are five facts about me! :)
  •  My favorite colour is maroon, though I do not own that many maroon coloured items!!
  •  I'm not so fond of the dark....(yeah, even at 19 years old! eeek)
  •  I am totally a cat person, If any cat passes me i just have to give it a stroke, soooo cute.
  •  Carrying on from number four - I also have a cat! shes called Erica and I've had her since I was pretty young, shes my best friend and we are inseparable :)

I am suuuuuuuper duuper excited to get started, like, you don't understand! So, keep your eyes peeled for my next post. I hope you found this interesting! You can leave me a comment telling me some facts about you, I would love to know some :)